A two family trek

family-trek.jpgTrekking in the Atlas mountains with children combined adventure with additional responsibilities. Ahmed Zin, our experienced guide from Trek Atlas, and his colleague, Hassan Bassaid, with the team of cuisinier and muleteers understood how to make the trek enjoyable for our families. They inspired confidence immediately by their caring approach and their attention to safety. They were kind but firm with the children, leaving the adults free to relax and take care of their own needs.

Delicious, energising and nutritious meals were provided throughout the trek, including elegant picnic lunches and dinners, all freshly prepared, cooked and served in beautiful locations. We were healthy throughout and fitter by the end of our 4 day trek.

Ahmed Zin planned our trek, adapting the route to meet the ability of the family, without losing the sense of adventure. The magnificent scenery included Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa, beautiful orchards of apple, cherry and walnut trees and breathtaking passes through the mountains. The High Atlas Berber village of Aroumd provided comfortable accommodation and a fascinating insight into the unique culture of the indigenous mountain people of North Africa.

To have enjoyed all of this with our children; to have been educated together by the experience; and to have shared the sense of achievement was very special.

The trek you organised for us was the HIGHLIGHT of our 2 week holiday. Adults and children are unanimous about that. It was wonderful!

Paul, Sarah, Sophie and Lucy

Meryl, Clive, Anna and Edward